Flame burning, fire
Deep down, love so deep
Surprising new feelings
Brewing while we sleep.

Coming from within
Burning so strong
Reaching our fingertips
Could this be wrong?

Never ending feeling
Taking hold
Love exploding
Fairly bold.

My twinflame, my love
My never ending inspiration
For you have won my heart
And this overwelming sensation.


Sunflower Smiles


He usually offers me a rose but it’s for effect: Sunny sunflower
You smile at me
With your radiant petals
Yellow and bright

Happy flower
What joy you bring me
Offered by my love
One stem strong and bold.

Love doth giveth me
A shinning smile
Your baby blues
Love will not taketh away.


Rippling water on the lake’s surface
Trout mouthing a hello
Rushing water and what do you know
Me tying my shoelaces

Here on this unfilled day
Having my sunfilled day

The memory of happy sunny smiles
And laughter between stories
And glories
From back awhile.


A Poem of Love

Image result for kissing in the sunlight

My love is like a thorn in my side
It causes my suffering
But is born onto the reddest of roses
Love’s true meaning.

Happiness is all around
Encircling one in its radiant glow
In the glance between lovers,
In the warm embrace, safe.

On the wings of love I fly
Angel feathers fall away,
And from my love they drop
Floating gracefully down

From a top this mountain top
And over the hills we watch
As the sun falls down to its resting place
As we hold each other’s hand.

Proclaming undying love to one another
As we close the gap
Dying sunlight escaping
From the space between our laps.



Image result

To wake up at your side
To feel your eyes on me
So blue, like an ocean’s waters
Cuddling tightly, there, safe.

Sharing all our moments together
Holding your hand
As we walk through the gardens
Sunshine smiles and glowing eyes

What is happiness then?
Is it that happy wave of emotion
That two loved ones share
Or is it laying lazily on the grass

Watching the clouds
Form fancy-filled shapes,
Two white butterflies
Dancing happily in circles?

Is it freedom?
Away from hassle of a day’s work,
Or seeing the world
Travelling free as a bird.

Coming back to its cage
Is happiness fleeting
Or forever a mirage
Only felt for a short amount of time.

Only that love felt for another
Can consolidate that happiness
Into something real and tangible
Hoping it will never be lost again, in scarce moments.



To Love You Again

To be held in your arms
Fills me with a kind of joy
I never felt before.

To feel your kiss upon my lips
Is like soaring without wings
Feeling your gaze upon me
As I walk in the room, piercing but gente.

Sparks fly between us
As we envelop each other in a loving embrace
Our secret love masked in
Polite shruggs of indiference.

When so much is beneath the surface
This distance can drive one crazy
Wanting to see those eyes again
Feel those arms encircle me.

Oh to see that happy smile
Shine towards me again
And do the things
I wish I had done.

To get to know you
To have had time
To just hold your hand
Kiss your lips.




A Choice

My heart yearns for that warmth
You once brought to it
Separated by destiny’s cruel hand
Forced to make a hard decision.

For true love or second best
For one is impossible but wanted
And the other possible but unwanted

Love’s folly a constant block:
To do what’s expected
To do what one desires
Within constant memories of one’s true wishes.